Vietranstimex Celebrates Its 48th Anniversary Of Establishment - 27.03.1976 – 27.03.2024


Every year on March 27, Vietranstimex members are happy to gather for a special occasion to look back the difficulties and achievements during the past 48 years.

Accordingly, on the morning of March 27, the Human Resources Department coordinated with the company's Trade Union to organize a number of meaningful activities such as cooking and flower arranging competitions to create a joyful, friendly and vibrant atmosphere for members in the company with the enthusiastic participation of all employees in all 3 regions: North - Central - South. This activity not only helps enhance the spirit of solidarity and attachment among departments, but also expresses the Board of Directors' interest and encouragement to all Vietranstimex members.

Happy 48th birthday of Vietranstimex. Wishing the company to become increasingly strong, achieve many new successes and go far on the path of sustainable development and bring a lot of practical values to Vietranstimex members, to society and the community. Wishing Vietranstimex members to always maintain their warrior spirit, professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm in their work.

Let's see some activities on this special day: