Launching service (load-out / in)

This is a special service, using a hydraulic or self-propelled trailer system (SPMT) to carry heavy components of 100 T-5,000 T from jetty to barge or from barge to jetty. Our company is proud to be the only domestic transport unit in Vietnam to this day to provide this service.

We also provide the following technical services such as: ballast calculation, mooring, lashing ... The service of lowering structures will help customers in the oil and gas industry, seaports, bridges and roads to carry huge special equipment. on installation sites.

Combining load beams and trailer hydraulic systems to redistribute loads onto trailers, fabrication yards and wharves.

Use the bridge to connect the wharf with the barge to let the trailers run through the barges.

Using ballast pump to balance the barges, adjust the barge deck surface with the wharf during the loading-out process

During the load-out process, use tugs and winches to anchor the rope to locate the barges