Multimodal transportation

One of our company's strengths is multimodal transport. We have a team of experts with experience in multimodal transport, especially in transit procedures among Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China.

The combination of sea, land and inland waterway transportation through neighboring countries will help our customers deliver products to the base of the project in third countries through Vietnam and vice versa.

River transport model - road transport is a flexible combination to transport STST equipment to the construction site (Working wheel - Son La Hydroelectric Plant)

Tractor transport model - hydraulic trailer system. This model is used to coordinate the advantages of traction / push of the tractor and the lifting / lowering of the hydraulic trailer system.

River transport model - road transport and hydraulic trailer systems are a combination of multiple models in transportation.

Using hydraulic systems with sliding force up to 500 tons to move and support the installation of components in the narrow spaces of the plant.