Vietranstimex Completed Transportation and Installation of Steel Arch Bridge Phat Tich – Dai Dong Thanh Project


On March 6, the Closing Segment Ceremony of  Main Steel Arch Span 120meter long of Phat Tich - Dai Dong Thanh Bridge, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh was taken place successfully, marking the milestone of completing the installation of entire steel arched spans of this construction project.

The Phat Tich - Dai Dong Thanh bridge project has a total investment of more than 1,900 billion VND, crossing the Duong River (in the territory of Bac Ninh province). The project has a total length of more than 1.5km, including 6 steel arched spans, each arch is assembled from multi segments, of which the longest segment has sizes of 24m x 4m x 3.5m weighing 70 tons, the heaviest segment is 15m x 4.2m x 4m weighing 91 tons.

With the expected implementation time started from November 2022 and completing in March 2023, so far Vietranstimex has completed the project on schedule, with the main items:
Transporting 39 segments by road from manufacturing plants in Hanoi/Bac Ninh/Bac Giang to the construction site
Carrying out load out of these segments to the 500T barge at the temporary berth for water transportation.
Receiving segments from barge 500T to installation barge 7,700T
Using 800T and 200T crawler cranes placed on the 7,700T barge to install the segments into position on the scaffolding system installed on the bridge deck to combine to  each span of Phat Tich - Dai Dong Thanh bridge with total installation volume up to 2250 tons.

In order to do these complicated works, Vietranstimex has sent many technical experts along with a team of experienced workers in transporting and installing steel arches on duty to operate and direct in order to carry out the work to ensure quality, safety and schedule of the proposed project. In addition, Vietranstimex also had to mobilize at the same time specialized vehicles and equipment for transportation and installation such as 02 transport convoys with a total of 22 SPT axles and 02 special Man tractors for transportation, crawler cranes 800T and 200T placed on barge 7,700T for installation, and some other equipment such as ballast pump, electric winch…

Congratulations to Vietranstimex team on completing the job successfully and on schedule! The success of the project will encourage the efforts of the team on our journey to conquering the next great successes in 2023.