Vietranstimex Completed Transportation of Wind Turbine Components For Hoang Hai & Tai Tam Projects – Quang Tri Province in time of October 31st, 2021

On October 26th, Vietranstimex continued completing the transportation of wind power equipment for two projects Hoang Hai and Tai Tam. These are two of 10 wind power transport projects that Vietranstimex has implemented continuously in Quang Tri from February 2021 to present.

In the scope of work, Vietranstimex carried out transportation of wind turbines from Hon La port to the construction site by trailers. In which, there are 15 sets of blades (45 blades) were transported to the transfer yard to be installed on the blade adapter, and transported from the transfer yard to the turbine pylons.

Currently, all 31 turbines of Hoang Hai and Tai Tam wind power plants have operated. However, before that, in order to keep up with the project progress as requested by the Investor, Vietranstimex's engineers and transport workers coordinated with the Investor's engineers and installation team to work throughout day night to complete the transportation and installation for the project (in Huc commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province). When the projects come into operation, each project includes dozens of wind towers, with each of which will contribute a capacity of about 3-4MW, bringing an expectation of budget revenue, contributing to economic development for Quang Tri province.

Regarding transportation, the mountainous terrain with many slopes, winding passes, many big obstacles such as bridges, power lines, ... plus weather conditions at the time of the project are not as favorable as expected; in addition, the travel restriction due to Covid-19 according to Directive 16 also causes more difficulties, Vietranstimex had to mobilize many specialized equipment suitable for transportation in mountainous areas, speeding up transport permit application for blade adapters, carrying out enough two doses of vaccination for the transport team, complying 5K, etc. to complete the project on time.

Congratulations to Vietranstimex for being  recognized by a difficult customer and congratulate the great project finishing on schedule, on time COD before October 31, 2021